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Our Core Values & Principals

1.  The basis for a successful advisory relationship has to be based on mutual trust.

  - Needs to be earned with complete transparency on both sides
  - Straight answers all the time…avoid over-promising

2.  The foundation for an investment portfolio is always a PLAN.

  - Basic retirement income game plan…will you outlive your money or will your money outlive you?
  - Comprehensive financial and estate plan

3.  Investing is foregoing consumption now in order to consume more later.

  - What is “Real” rate of return?
  - Every year, everything you buy gets more expensive
  - Preservation of principal while cost of living doubles = you lost half your money

4.  Equities - the partial ownership of the companies in America and the World - has been far more effective than bonds and other fixed income investments at preserving and enhancing purchasing power.

  - If you want to keep up with inflation, you need to own the businesses that cause it
  - Balanced sectors and industries

5.  There is a difference between the risk of volatility vs. the risk of loss

   - Expect volatility?
   - Downside and Upside

6.  No one can predict the economy and current events, therefore, we do not attempt to.   

   - There is a difference between speculation and investing
   - Far more has been lost anticipating market corrections versus the corrections themselves
   - Why is there a difference between investment returns and investor returns?

7.  The only certainty is uncertainty. 

   - Successful investors stick with a plan and DO NOT trade on headlines or current events 
   - The “crisis of the day” has nothing to do with the real world outcome of outliving your money 

8.  What you pay for:

   - Retirement Income Plan
   - Legacy and Estate Planning Advice
   - Portfolio Design and Selection
   - Monitoring and Reporting (eMoney)
   - Communication, communication, communication